Summer Travel Checklist

Don’t forget to pack your faith!

The great British Summertime is creeping inexorably onward, many of us have plane tickets booked and travel itineraries planned, but in the rush not to forget anything, we can easily leave behind the one thing that will help us regardless of what else comes along: our Faith.

So whether you are walking the Camino to Santiago de Compostela, or off to the Costa del Sol, we have put together a few things no Catholic should be without.


These holding crosses are a handy reminder to pray, especially if you are on a pilgrimage.


There are a couple of compact bibles, good for travelling – the Go-Anywhere Bible, and the CTS Compact Travel Bible, there’s also the RSV zipped Compact Bible. For something a bit lighter, there are plenty of New Testament editions ideal for travelling. Just remember – The smaller the bible, the smaller the print will be!


Never go anywhere without a rosary. These corded single decade ones can also be worn as a bracelet, ensuring that you wont leave them behind anywhere.

Pilgrim Balm:

If you are going to be doing a lot of walking you may want to invest in some pilgrim balm to ease the aches of well exercised muscles. This is made by Cistercian nuns, ensuring that their prayers will also accompany you!

Pilgrim Guide Book:

If you are planning to visit some specific shrines, make sure you have your Every Pilgrim Guide, or CTS Christian Shrines companion to give a little extra insight!

Shorter Morning & Evening Prayer

This slim volume slides easily into a pocket or carry-on bag, ensuring that you have the prayer of the Church with you at all times. Really useful for long journeys, especially long haul flights!

Simple Prayer Book (Various Languages):

There are not many places you can go that the CTS hasn’t got  your back with the language! Containing the order of service and common prayers in parallel English, you’ll still be able to follow the Mass – even in Welsh!


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